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Most people in the St. Lawrence corridor still believe the bank is the only place to go to get a mortgage.

Mortgage Brokers have been offering Canadians better choices and better advice regarding a mortgage for over 30 years. Many years ago, it was thought only people with poor credit or income stability challenges used a mortgage broker. NOT TRUE!

People with excellent credit and excellent income are now realizing for years they may not have been getting the best advices regarding rates, terms and options when it comes to their mortgage.

When you use a mortgage broker to help secure financing on your current home or a home you are looking to buy, you are enlisting a partner who is invested in getting you the best possible rates and terms based on your situation. We are paid by the lenders, we don’t charge fees* and if the deal doesn’t close we don’t get paid. It is in our best interest as the mortgage broker to ensure you do get the best rates and terms, otherwise WE DON’T GET PAID! When is the last time a banker didn’t get paid at the end of the week if a deal fell apart???

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