When people call us about refinancing their home, we realize there is much more to the conversation than just refinancing the mortgage they have. We go over their current financial situation in detail and ask many questions such as “ Do you have renovations that need to be done in the next 5-10 years?”, “Have you maxed out your RRSP contributions?”, “Do you have children attending post secondary education in the next 5 years?”, “What debts do you currently have that could be re- positioned so we can make the most of your payments to become debt free as soon as possible?”.

It used to be refinancing your home was a “dirty little secret”. Absolutely not anymore!!! Your home is often your largest asset and we aim to use it in the best possible way to achieve your family, retirement and financial goals. We stay in touch with our clients to advise them when a small increase to their mortgage payment could have the largest possible impact. It is imperative that you have a “mortgage manager” on your side! WE ARE YOUR MORTGAGE MANAGER – and we do it for free!

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