Let Me Pay Your Mortgage Contest

Happy New Year! Who doesn’t need some extra money?! Corinna Smith-Gatcke of The Mortgage Advisors would like to make your mortgage payment for the month of January. This contest is open to both existing clients and bank mortgage holders respectively. We will pay the equivalent* of your monthly mortgage payment (up to $1000) for the month of January 2016. But we do need some information to do this:

    Name (*)
    Email (*)
    Address (*)
    Telephone (so we can notify you if you won)
    Mortgage Bank/Lender
    Approximate Mortgage Balance
    Current Payment (*)
    Payment Schedule MonthlyBiweekly
    Renewal date (If known)
    *We will use the monthly payment or in the event two time the principal and interest portion of the biweekly payment. We will pay up to $1000 to the winner of the contest and the cheque will be made payable to the winner direct, not to the mortgage company. Your home must be located the Province of Ontario and your principal residence to win. In order to win you must be willing to provide Corinna Smith-Gatcke of The Mortgage Advisors a copy of your most recent mortgage statement or bank statement verifying your mortgage payment amount.
    If you would like us to give you options for your current mortgage please check this box and we can send you a strategy to pay your mortgage off faster and potentially without changing what you are paying right now.